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It is therapeutic to spend a few minutes at the beginning and end of each day being mindful. Allow yourself to be in the moment, take a few deep breaths, perhaps do a brief meditation,  and then  review  attainable goals, positive thoughts and positive affirmations. At the end of each day think about something you did that pleased you and something or someone you are grateful for and are pleased to have in your life.  You can be grateful for loved ones, babies, friends, food, shelter, health, good self-esteem, a good night’s sleep, losing 5 pounds, a job you enjoy, the sun, snow, food, etc. It can be something major like conquering a fear or something  very minor such as eating an ice-cream sundae or enjoying a delicious cup of coffee.

Every week check this site for a new affirmation and/or cheerful thought. Please feel free to post your affirmations and/or thoughts. 

Jun 2, 2017: ” I am Stronger Than Fear”



























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