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You have more power than you think!  We all have the power, in almost any circumstance, to decide our reaction to what is taking place in our life. We can decide to be victims or heroes. We can learn to control our thoughts, feelings and behaviors or allow our thoughts and feelings to control us. Many people like to blame others for their “unhappy, poor, frustrating life,” but, as adults, we are responsible for our happiness, goals and decisions. We can give up or persevere. We can’t always choose the deck of cards we are handed but we can decide how to play the deck we are dealt.

Using mindfulness techniques, being in the moment, not judging ourselves or others helps us in numerous ways. We learn to take one day or even one moment at a time.

We “Stop and smell the roses.” We are kind to ourselves and others, and appreciate all that life has to offer. We are cognizant of the snowflakes gently falling on our faces, we inhale the sweet fragrances of flowers, and we take the time to look deeply into the eyes of loved ones. We practice gratitude and the many gifts we sometimes take for granted. We allow ourselves to make mistakes and learn from those mistakes. We engage in creative practices such as art, music, poetry, writing, drama and dance.

Positive thinking, acceptance, creativity, practicing mindfulness, and focusing on daily affirmations will enhance our daily experiences and attitudes.

  • Mindfull versus Mindful is a play on words used to remind us to be mindful and in the moment.  We need to cleanse our minds of unhealthy and chaotic thoughts  that increase stress and anxiety.  Many of us spend our days with a mind full of thoughts that serve little purpose; they distract us from focusing on what is happening now. This website aims to help us become more aware, focused, happier and  better in  touch with ourselves, others and our environment.

I hope you will use this website to gain peace, calm, insight and coping skills. I invite you to share your own insights and affirmations with others. Please add your thoughts, experiences, wisdom and artwork. Doing so will help you and so many other individuals. One of the quickest ways to boost self- esteem (the building block of feeling well psychologically) is to help others.

Welcome to Mindfull Planet.com!


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*This is not a therapy site; it is for self-awareness and increasing self-esteem.  Anyone who is feeling depressed or having psychological difficulties should see a psychiatrist and/or a therapist

*This site is not responsible for the psychological state or actions of readers.

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